Italy at risk of desertification?

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Italy at risk of desertification?

Italy at risk of desertification? It is a rapidly growing phenomenon in teh country, especifically in the southern regions such as Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia European Court of Auditors said the risk the most significant in Europe, since soil erosion, water scarcity and the increase in temperatures from year to year are becoming increasingly evident, with the most worrying desertification problems in Sicily.

In recent years, as a result of global warming, climate change is increasingly a serious threat to our planet. In addition to the occurrence of extreme weather events, one of the most feared factors concerns desertification: Italy is also at risk, but in particular a region, which is really in danger.

The drought further aggravates the situation in May alone, the water deficit in the Sicilian basins worsened by over 16 million cubic meters, going from -53.8 million cubic meters to -69.9 compared to 2019.

Experts said: "These highly diversified data between areas of the island confirm the fundamental importance of basins, which collect rainwater, when it arrives, to use it in times of water need.

In Sicily, unfortunately, the irrigation distribution network is insufficient and the capacity of the reservoirs is strongly conditioned by landfill, against which a real campaign is necessary of excavations."

The risk concerns 70% of the island and it is not only the low rainfall quantities that accentuate it, but the rainfall trend with strong territorial differentiations.

The alarm was raised by the National Research Council which is based on data from the ANBI Observatory on Water Resources. Taking into consideration the rainfall data relating to last spring and more precisely to the month of May 2020, we can see a real lack of precipitation, with really worrying numbers.

The average rainfall of the month marked only 9.88 mm (ie almost 10 liters of water fallen per square meter of surface), with rains that have long been present in a territorial way and no longer as homogeneous as it once was.

Can snakes predict earthquakes?

According to Jiang Weisong snakes would be able to predict earthquakes. The scientist was the project manager of the Nanning Earthquake Bureau that monitored the behavior of these reptiles raised on a commercial farm.

According to the expert, the reptiles would be able to feel an earthquake even from 100 kilometers. So Weisong, Chinese scientist said it some time ago. Snakes, when such a catastrophic event occurs, have an unusual behavior: they try to save themselves by coming out of their nests, even during the middle of winter.

If the earthquake promises to be particularly strong, the animals hurl themselves against the walls of the enclosures within which they were kept, to look for an escape route. According to Jiang Weisong, this earthquake prediction system could be extended to many other areas of China, often devastated by large-scale earthquake events.

In short, surely in the country where snakes are used for therapeutic purposes and for traditional medicine, they may have received a new purpose.