Architect creates floating igloos to save penguins from extinction

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Architect creates floating igloos to save penguins from extinction

Climate change is disrupting the world, putting biodiversity and wildlife at risk. Rising temperatures are having a major negative impact in the Arctic and Antarctica, putting the ocosystems of animals such as polar bears and penguins at risk.

Iranian architect Sajjad Navidi has designed an innovative system that helps penguins reproduce while controlling the melting of the polar ice in Antarctica. He did a surface heating igloo, which provides penguins with a safe space to live and spawn, and an underwater bottom section, equipped with a cooling system, which helps glaciers not melt.

A solution that could help the cute penguins to save themselves from an event that unfortunately seems destined to happen in the coming decades.

What were the most exciting animal rescues of 2020?

Lions, belugas, jaguars, elephants: the most exciting moments of 2020 between rescues and liberations.
In May 2020, no longer able to bear the costs due to Covid-19, the tour operators organizing elephant rides decided to free over 1,400 pachyderms and sell them to the Save Elephant Foundation, which has been fighting for years for their protection.

After being forced to perform shows in the Ocean World aquarium in Shanghai, last August two belugas were finally able to savor their freedom thanks to the charity Sea Life Trust, starting a new life in the waters of Iceland, where they can swim free.

Last September the volunteers of the German association Wild @ life managed to save ten lions from a breeding-lager in South Africa. Fortunately, the ten lions have now been cured and are now all in a sanctuary. Wildfires that broke out in Australia between 2019 and 2020 destroyed 80% of the Greater Blue Mountains.

The flames caused the deaths of about half a billion animals. Koalas were one of the most affected species ever. Fortunately, several Australian animal welfare organizations have managed to rescue many koalas which, after a period of therapy and rehabilitation, have finally returned to their natural habitat starting from the first months of 2020.

Jambolina, the loneliest bear in the world, has spent her entire life in a cage and could only go out to perform at the circus. But a few weeks ago the bear was rescued and released by the animal rights organization Four Paws on a Swiss reserve.

After 100 days of rehabilitation following an accident, a guaguaro has returned to its natural habitat. The feline was treated in a clinic and, after being healed, Covi was released in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

A sea turtle was saved in Italy, specifically in Sicily, by a 6-year-old boy. The kid noticed an abandoned plastic bag shaking, with a Caretta Caretta turtle stuck inside. The Coast Guard rescued and released the turtle. Kaavan, the elephant locked up for years in a zoo in Pakistan, returned to the wild at the end of November, thanks largely to the support of singer Cher.

Today Kaavan is free and lives in a Cambodian sanctuary where he can finally have a dignified life. But above all, the elephant will no longer have to live in solitude.