Heat wave up to almost 52°C on its way to Southern Europe!

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Heat wave up to almost 52°C on its way to Southern Europe!

A thermal anomaly between the Sahara and North Africa, over Tunisia and Algeria, with excaptional heat peaks of 51.3 degrees in on its way to Southern Europe. This heat wave has pushed north up to unusual latitudes and in the next few days there could be a data that in some ways can represent a record, that is a temperature of +30 degrees at 1500 meters on the Mediterranean Sea up to Sicily, in Southern Italy.

The extremization and tropicalization of the climate that the our country, in the middle latitudes, is suffering perhaps even more than others. And this Summer 2021 will be an example. From a climatic point of view, this anomaly is clearly one of the many symptoms of the global warming and the cliamte crisis.

From a weather point of view, this anomaly will accentuate the contrasts with the cooler air that is about to arrive from the north from the Atlantic in the form of hail, storms and pure tornado and Italy will in the middle between two opposing forces.

Canada: temperatures up to 50 degrees still leave no respite

Canada set an extreme heat record for the third consecutive day: 49.5 degrees were recorded in Lytton, a village northeast of Vancouver, in the midst of a heat wave that would have caused more than 200 sudden deaths reported in recent days in the region.

"At 4:20 pm Lytton Station broke daily and historic temperature records once again," tweeted Environment and Climate Change Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has announced that at least 134 people have died since Friday in the metropolitan area located on the Canadian Pacific coast, in a grip of heat that is also affecting the country.

The feared fire alarm is triggered in the country with the first outbreaks. The residents of Lytton, the Canadian town that in recent days recorded the highest temperature in the history of the country (49.6 ° C) were forced to evacuate due to a fire. The record heatwave that hit British Columbia this week claimed 486 lives in just five days.