Shark warning in New York: bathing prohibited

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Shark warning in New York: bathing prohibited

Shark warning in New York: bathing prohibited. On Long Island there are five in the past week. An emergency that prompted City Hall to enact a bathing ban also for Far Rockaway beach in Queens. Surfers and swimmers have been bitten near Long Island.

Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, to step up vigilance with drones and helicopters. The hardest hit beach so far is Smith Point County Park on Fire Island. Three people were attacked leading to closures of the beach areas.

None of the injuries from shark bites endangered the lives of swimmers. The latest shark encounters along the shores of New York follow a disturbing increase in attacks by white sharks, which traditionally inhabit the cold, deep waters between Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

The mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, also faces anomalous heat among the problems he faces. In the city it will be well above 32 degrees in the next few days and for this reason he made an announcement to give advice to New Yorkers.

Shark warning in New York: bathing prohibited

Among other things there are hydration but also the control of one's neighbors, the elderly ones. However, one of the tips has aroused some controversy and is an invitation not to stay at home but to go to the beach.

Too bad that in these days some of the most popular beaches for New Yorkers are closed due to the presence of sharks. The goal of Mayor Eric Adams inviting his fellow citizens not to stay closed in cases is twofold. Aquarium biologists have not identified which types of sharks are responsible for the attacks on New York beaches, although one of them said it was most likely young tiger sharks who mistook people's feet for fish.

Experts said environmental policy and decreased fishing activity due to the pandemic have increased shark populations in the Atlantic region, including that of white sharks.