11.5 million jobs in renewable energy worldwide

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11.5 million jobs in renewable energy worldwide

11.5 million jobs in renewable energy worldwide: in a decisive sector in the coming years, there is a growing trend and more female employment, according to the report Renewable Energy and Jobs - Annual Review 2020, published by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

In the report we can see that: "The adoption of renewable energy creates jobs and increases local income in both developed and developing energy markets. While today we see a handful of countries in the lead, each country can exploit its renewable potential, take measures to exploit local capacities for industrial development and train its workers.

Although precise estimates remain scarce and absolute numbers are small for now, off-grid renewables are creating growing jobs, driven by solar technology. Decentralized renewable energy can also stimulate productive uses in rural areas.

This job multiplier effect can be seen in agriculture and food processing, healthcare, communications and local commerce."

11.5 million jobs in renewable energy worldwide

The report also said: "Policy makers must also prioritize retraining for fossil fuel workers who have lost or risk losing their livelihoods.

Many have considerable skills and expertise to contribute to a clean and reoriented energy industry. The world has seen encouraging growth in jobs in renewable energy. But it can lead to much wider employment by adopting a global political framework to guide the energy transition.

The need to chart a different course is undeniable, as are the benefits to be reaped. Irena's recently published Post-COVID Recovery Agenda highlighted that an ambitious stimulus program could create up to 5.5 million more jobs over the next 3 years than a business-as-usual approach.

This initiative would also allow the world to stay on track to create the 42 million jobs in renewable energy that the agency's Global Renewables Outlook predicts for 2050." In 2019 the jobs in the renewable energy industry reached 11.5 million, driven by solar photovoltaics which, alone, employs about 3.8 million people.

Jobs in the contested biofuel industry closely follow photovoltaics, reaching 2.5 million. Many of these jobs are in the agricultural supply chain, particularly in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

The report notes that last year, 63% of all jobs in the renewable energy sector were registered in Asia, confirming the region's status as a market leader. Jobs in the renewable energy sector have shown greater inclusion and a better gender balance than the fossil fuel industry.

The report notes that women occupied 32% of total jobs in renewable energy in 2019, compared to 21% in fossil fuels. The Annual Review 2020 highlights promising initiatives that revolve around professional training, curriculum creation, teacher training, the use of information and communication technologies, and the promotion of public-private partnerships And the recruitment of under-represented groups such as women.