Super-green Sydney: all electricity from wind and solar energy!

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Super-green Sydney: all electricity from wind and solar energy!

“We have signed a contract with an energy broker to obtain renewable electricity from three different plants, all located in New South Wales. The company, Flow Power, has agreed to purchase an amount of electricity equal to 100% of the city's needs and to add it to the national electricity grid on our behalf.

About three quarters of the energy will be generated by the wind and the remaining quarter will come from the sun." The city administration of Sydney shared this news, showing the world how a metropolis can be eco-sustainable thanks to renewable energy sources.

So, Super-green Sydney, super-smart Sydney. The Australian metropolis has just announced a sensational turning point regarding the use of electricity, showing the world one of the first major city where electricity will come exclusively from renewable and environmentally sustainable sources.

Is it therefore possible to satisfy the energy needs of a city only with the wind and the sun? The answer is: yes, and Sydney is living proof of this. The Australian metropolis has followed Melbourne's example it was announced that it will supply all the city's activities with clean energy obtained from nearby wind and photovoltaics.

From the historic town hall to the other 114 public buildings, from the parks to the five city pools, passing through street lighting. An ambitious goal that Syndey had set for some time and who has materialized thanks to a maxi PPA agreement worth 60 million Australian dollars, equivalent to 41.5 million US dollars.

Sydney is an example of eco-sustainability

According to initial estimates, the agreement will save the city up to half a million dollars a year in the next decade, reducing CO2 emissions by about 200,000 tons in the same period.

"We are in the midst of a climate emergency. If we want to reduce CO2 and grow the green energy sector, all levels of government must urgently switch to renewable energy," said Mayor Clover Moore. In detail, the sales contract is linked to the production of the 120 MW Bomen Solar Farm, the 270 MW Sapphire Wind Farm, and the 3 MW Shoalhaven Solar Farm.

The injection of renewable electricity into the network will be started in stages, and the process should be completed at the beginning of 2021. Obviously, the measures taken by the municipal administration in past years also contribute to the green target.

In 2016, Sydney invested in energy efficiency interventions by installing, among other things, LED lights and solar panels on the roof of over thirty buildings.