London says stop to 5G

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London says stop to 5G

London says stop to Huawei on the ultra-fast 5G network. This is the decision of the Boris Johnson government, although some emse ago the situation seemed different. It's a lot. The decision is expected to be announced next week: USA.

sanctions against China, according to British intelligence, would have serious consequences for the tech giant Huawei, which could no longer be able to guarantee the cyber security that was hoped for. So, if the initial plans talked about Huawei involved up to 35% of the development of 5G in the UK, now the stop should be decreed.

And even the dismantling of Huawei's existing facilities in the UK infrastructure yet to be built.

The reasons behind this decision

In reality, the rethinking of London comes mainly for two reasons: a retaliation against China for what is happening in Hong Kong and for the new national security law which according to the Johnson government strongly affects the rights and freedoms of the ex colony.

And then there are pressure from Donald Trump and the US, especially at a time when London has to find a trade deal with the American administration that can partially offset the economic disaster that Brexit could leave.

Furthermore, if Johnson confirms his commitment to Huawei with 5G, there will be a serious internal revolt at home by many conservatives, led by the president of the Foreign Commission in Westminster, Tom Tugendhat, who have long been blocking and pushing to loosen the relations with China, according to them harmful and not only in the case of the ultra-fast network for which Huawei would be a Trojan horse to spy on us.

After the disaster of the Covid-19 emergency management, the British premier cannot afford a political defeat also on the Huawei case. This is why London is now taking a radical step back on a decision, the one on Huawei, formerly supported by former Prime Minister Theresa May and Johnson himself, above all for the limited costs of Huawei and the very high technology compared to other partners.

But the Hong Kong crisis has triggered and accelerated probably inevitable dynamics, given the geopolitical context. An example of technological virtuosity is represented by Sydney. The Australian metropolis has just announced a sensational turning point regarding the use of electricity, showing the world one of the first major city where electricity will come exclusively from renewable and environmentally sustainable sources.

Is it therefore possible to satisfy the energy needs of a city only with the wind and the sun? The answer is: yes, and Sydney is living proof of this. The Australian metropolis has followed Melbourne's example it was announced that it will supply all the city's activities with clean energy obtained from nearby wind and photovoltaics.

From the historic town hall to the other 114 public buildings, from the parks to the five city pools, passing through street lighting. An ambitious goal that Syndey had set for some time and who has materialized thanks to a maxi PPA agreement worth 60 million Australian dollars, equivalent to 41.5 million US dollars.