Do extreme heat waves affect fish enhanced production?


Do extreme heat waves affect fish enhanced production?
Do extreme heat waves affect fish enhanced production?

A heat wave, in meteorology, is a period of atmospheric time during which the temperature is unusually high compared to the average temperatures usually experienced in a given region, in that period and with characteristics of persistence.

It should not be confused with the more specific phenomenon of the heat bubble. Heat waves have become more frequent and intense in recent years due, according to scientists, to current global warming or they would be one of the ways in which such warming would manifest itself at the meteorological level, that is in the short term.

Often, but not always, the most intense heatwaves are preceded by another mini heatwave, lasting a few days, which acts as an anticipation to the second.
Heat waves also impact food production and livestock farming. Also regarding enhanced fish.

The study: Enhanced fish production during a period of extreme global warmth, published on the Nature communications, gives us important information about it.
We can read: "Marine ecosystem models predict a decline in fish production with anthropogenic ocean warming, but how fish production equilibrates to warming on longer timescales is unclear.

We report a positive nonlinear correlation between ocean temperature and pelagic fish production during the extreme global warmth of the Early Paleogene Period (62-46 million years ago [Ma]). Using data-constrained modeling, we find that temperature-driven increases in trophic transfer efficiency (the fraction of production passed up trophic levels) and primary production can account for the observed increase in fish production, while changes in predator-prey interactions cannot.

These data provide new insight into upper-trophic-level processes constrained from the geological record, suggesting that long-term warming may support more productive food webs in subtropical pelagic ecosystems."

Italy: Investigators seize over abused animals on the farm

In Sicily, in Southern Italy, yet another example of mistreatment of many animal species, in a farm like a concentration camp: among them, sheep, rabbits and horses in a degraded and degrading condition.

Police forces, who promptly came to the aid of the animals. The carabinieri saved 45 rabbits, 15 ducks, 10 hens, 5 horses, 6 sheep and a dog. On Facebook, Rizzi wrote: "Do you remember yesterday's post where I informed you of an ongoing raid by the Carabinieri in Trapani and at my request for a very serious situation? The Carabinieri have criminally seized 82 animals, including horses, sheep, dogs, rabbits and ducks.

This photo was sent to me by the press office of the provincial command of the Carabinieri of Trapani (to which my heartfelt thanks go because it is always at the forefront of the fight against animal crimes) and demonstrates the absurd conditions of detention. At 4:30 pm they are live and I need to ask you for help. "