Where is Santa's Secret Village?

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Where is Santa's Secret Village?

According to tradition, Santa Claus Village is the secret home of Santa Claus, located in Korvatunturi, north of Rovaniemi, near the eastern border of Finnish Lapland. In Finnish Korvatunturi means "mountain of the ear": the village, in fact, is located at the foot of the homonymous mountain 486 meters high and with the singular shape of a hare's ear, in the middle of a coniferous forest.

Through these huge auricles, Santa Claus can hear the voices of the children of the entire planet and knows if they have behaved well or not. The old man notes everything in a large book in which there is a division of the good and the bad.

Thanks to the aforementioned ear he would be able to perceive the wishes of the boys. The village functions administratively as a tiny city-state: it issues stamps, mintes coins, has its own flag (red with the head of a white reindeer in the center), a coat of arms supported by two golden reindeer (vermilion with the symbols of Santa Claus, miter and pastoral).

Some guards in Lappish costumes keep watch near the borders, at the headquarters of the Council of Elders, at the residence where Santa Claus lives with his wife Jessica Maria, near the shed where the famous sled is kept.

Various houses, often built on high stilts, make up the urban agglomeration where hundreds of gnomes, toy makers live: a post office and a school for the children of the gnomes also work. A large enclosure is home to the reindeer (gray and white), including the nine famous flyers that will pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve.

At the beginning of December a large party is organized in homage to Santa, before the magical departure: the village is embellished with handcrafted decorations and people drink coffee from birch wood cups, eat the typical Lappish ginger biscuits, pudding of rice and the cake (joulutorttu) with almond flour, orange peel, chocolate and plum jam, very popular with gnomes.

On Christmas Eve the village is in great turmoil: everyone collaborates with the gnomes to prepare the trip. Reindeer are lavishly harnessed and travelers don their ancient ceremonial clothing. But how does Santa Claus deliver all those gifts with precision and punctuality? Even the oldest and wisest gnomes don't know.