Forests to discover: the Giant Forest, California


Forests to discover: the Giant Forest, California

The Giant Forest is simply a sight to behold, despite the extensive damage caused by the forest fires of the past two years. A wonder of nature that still fills with amaze those who are observing it for the first time. It is so named because many specimens of Sequoiadendron giganteum, the largest trees in the world by volume, including the five largest trees in the world.

The largest of them, General Sherman, has a base diameter of 10.1 meters. The forest can be reached from Fresno in the north via State Route 180 or from Visalia in the south via State Route 198. Generals Highway connects State Route 180 and State Route 198 through General Grant Grove, Kings Canyon National Park and the Giant Forest.

The average annual precipitation, which falls mostly in the form of snow during the winter months, is 113 cm. The average minimum temperatures range from -6.7 ° C in February to 11.8 ° C in August. Average maximum air temperatures range from 3.4 ° C in December and January to 27.4 ° C in August.
The giant forest is located on a mid-elevation plateau (between about 1950 and 2320 m asl) of the southern Sierra Nevada and covers an area of ​​about 1012 hectares.

General Sherman and other towering redwoods

It was named in honor of William Tecumseh Sherman, an American Civil War general, by naturalist James Wolverton in 1879. It is an imposing specimen of giant sequoia, with 83.8 m., And the largest in terms of volume, with 1 487 cubic m and the total weight in about 1 910 tons.

In addition to General Sherman, the following should be mentioned: President, 73.5 meters high, with a volume of 1278 m³, Lincoln: 78 meters high and a volume of 1260 m³, Franklin, 68 meters high and a volume of 1168 m³, Washington, which was the second largest tree in the world by volume, but in September 2003 a lightning bolt caused a fire that injured him and caused him to lose the highest part and the Four Guardsmen, a group of four sequoias located at the southern entrance of the Giant Forest along the Generals Highway.