How are natural disasters classified, such as Nord Stream?


How are natural disasters classified, such as Nord Stream?

How are natural disasters classified, such as Nord Stream? A universal severity classification for natural disasters, study published on the Natural hazards, explained it. Researchers told: "The magnitude of a disaster's severity cannot be easily assessed because there is no global method that provides real magnitudes of natural disaster severity levels.

Therefore, a new universal severity classification scheme for natural disasters is developed and is supported by data. universal system looks at the severity of disasters based on the most influential impact factor and gives a rating from zero to ten: Zero indicates no impact and ten is a worldwide devastation.

This universal system is for all types of natural disasters, from lightning strikes to super-volcanic eruptions and everything in between, that occur anywhere in the world at any time. This novel universal severity classification system measures, describes, compares, rates, ranks, and categorizes impacts of disasters quantitatively and qualitatively.

How are natural disasters classified, such as Nord Stream?

Researchers then added: "The severity index is useful to diverse stakeholder groups, including policy makers, governments, responders, and civilians, by providing clear definitions that help convey the severity levels or severity potential of a disaster.

Therefore, this universal system is expected to avoid inconsistencies and to connect severity metrics to generate a clear perception of the degree of an emergency; the system is also expected to improve mutual communication among stakeholder groups.

Consequently, the proposed universal system will generate a common communication platform and improve understanding of disaster risk, which aligns with the priority of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

This research was completed prior to COVID-19, but the pandemic is briefly addressed in the discussion section." The disaster of the explosions resulting in the leakage of gas from the Nord Stream pipeline will have a devastating economic impact, but also a very severe environmental impact that is still difficult to quantify.

A total of four gas leaks were discovered after the explosions of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline lines, the Swedish Coast Guard said. Two of these four losses are in the Swedish economic zone. On the NATO incident he expresses deep concern and in a note also signed by Sweden and Finland, he stresses that all the information currently available indicates that it is the result of deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage.

NATO also notes that it is ready to respond unitedly and with determination to any deliberate attack against the critical infrastructures of the allies.