It's Halloween! The the scariest night of the year!

Legends said about a man named Jack who was invited to leave the Hell after his death

by Lorenzo Ciotti
It's Halloween! The the scariest night of the year!

It's Halloween, the the scariest night of the year! The legend said us: "The night before All Saints' Day, the town's blacksmith Jack met the Devil. The Devil wanted to take advantage of the man's state of intoxication to take his soul, but was fooled by the blacksmith.

Jack, running out of money, asked him to turn into a coin, so he could pay for his last pint. When he saw the Devil transform, he put it in his purse next to a silver cross. This prevented the Devil from returning to his original form and the young blacksmith made him promise to give him ten years of freedom in exchange for his release.

After that period of time, the Lord of Darkness always came back with the intention of taking the soul of the blacksmith. Finding himself near a tree, before being dragged to hell, the blacksmith asked the Devil to get him an apple.

When the Devil climbed the tree, Jack carved a cross in the bark so as not to let him go down again. After a long quarrel, the two reached a compromise. Jack in exchange for the release of the Devil would have escaped his destiny of eternal damnation.

The blacksmith committed several sins throughout his life. At his death, therefore, he was rejected at the gates of heaven. But also to those of hell, because of the traps he had set for the Devil. He tried to convince the Devil to let him in, saying he was cold and the other, annoyed, threw a burning ember at him.

To conserve its heat, Jack then placed it inside a turnip." Pumpkins called Jack-o'-lantern are the most important symbols of the event. It is a hand-carved pumpkin, which on surface the people, especially parents and kids made usually evil eyes with a mocking grin.

Inside, once the pulp and seeds have been emptied and a candle is placed inside. The earliest evidence of carved pumpkins dates back to the 1800s in Ireland and North America in 1834. Legends said about a man named Jack who was invited to leave the Hell after his death.

His soul wanders aimlessly in purgatory holding only a turnip used as a lantern thanks to a burning ember placed. In the United States the firsts carved pumpkins dates back in 1834. For Celts, passage from summer to winter was accompanied by long celebrations: the Samhain from Gaelic, which means End of Summer, which during the winter season, approached to the cult of the dead.