How can anxiety be curbed?


How can anxiety be curbed?

"The effects of aromatherapy on relieving anxiety were controversial. The purpose of this meta-analysis was to evaluate the effects of aromatherapy on anxiety in patients. We searched randomized controlled trials about aromatherapy on decreasing anxiety, and the Chinese databases CNKI, WanFang and CBMD.

Twenty-five articles were included in this meta-analysis. The data of scale scores of Spielberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory were extracted. The pooled results demonstrated that inhalation and massage aromatherapy significantly decreased anxiety levels in different conditions.

The weighted mean difference was -5.16 for State Anxiety Inventory and -2.85 for Trait Anxiety Inventory." "No side effects were mentioned in all of studies. The meta-analysis suggested that aromatherapy with different essential oils could alleviate anxiety significantly no matter the reason of anxiety.

However, the proper dosage of essential oils needs further research." This could be raed on the study Effects of aromatherapy on anxiety: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, published by Journal of affective disorders.

Anxiety is a psychic state of an individual, mainly conscious, characterized by a feeling of intense concern or fear, relating to a specific environmental stimulus, associated with a lack of adaptation response on the part of the organism in a given situation that is expressed in the form of stress for the individual himself.

Its pathological form constitutes anxiety disorders. Aromatic substances extracted with other methods, extraction with organic solvents, extraction with supercritical fluids, are not considered by all authors as essential oils.

The so-called essential oils obtained by dissolving resins and oleoresins in alcohols are actually defined as resinoids. The oils are usually extracted by steam distillation, which once cooled allows the separation of the essential oil from the water.

And Aromatherapy can be considered a branch of phytotherapy that uses essential oils, the volatile and strongly smelling substances of plants.