Consuming too much meat: can it be stopped?


Consuming too much meat: can it be stopped?

Many people, including those who eat meat, are still sensitive to animal suffering and are aware of the emotions they feel. Nobody likes to know how the pig in the dish in the form of sausage was killed, and for this we avoid thinking about it too much.

Surely having a pig's head on your plate rather than an oily slice of bacon makes your mouth water less, when it does not generate rejection and indignation. People who have recently become vegan have admitted that they have had a hard time finding a network of friends with the same ideals or who would support them in this life choice.

Don't worry, you're not alone, and even if your usual friends aren't, they don't necessarily aren't sensitive to animal suffering. So talk to them and find elements in common, do not create friction and make them understand your point of view, which is perhaps more similar to theirs than you think.

Look for restaurants that have a wide vegan choice integrated with the traditional menu and not those that have separate sections for plant foods. Some psychology studies show that this is a valid method for not creating the clear division between those who eat animal derivatives and those who still do so Fear clogging of the arteries caused by eating cooked meats or are simply against the waste of water and the suffering for animals that this generates, but you still can't stop, these five tips will be useful to you.

Many people would like to stop eating meat but they love its taste to the point that they cannot say no, despite the fact that the market today is offering more and more valid vegetable alternatives. Some food choices are dictated by tradition.

Others are the result of habits. Habits, as we know, are difficult to change, but also thinking about what we are used to doing can allow us to improve our diet. On New Year's Eve this year we will be able to cook roast seitan with lentils and we could already start having breakfast with a soy cappuccino.

If you have recently started a plant-based diet, you will have noticed that it is not always easy to have a wide choice on restaurant menus. The advice is to always consult the menus from home and arrive prepared at the restaurant, so as not to have to fall back into the usual side dishes or stay fast, or worse still, abandon yourself to the temptation of the flesh. Even better if you can choose places with an appetizing vegetable choice.