The three tallest trees in the world: Hyperion, Helios and Icarus


The three tallest trees in the world: Hyperion, Helios and Icarus
The three tallest trees in the world: Hyperion, Helios and Icarus

Sequoia sempervirens is native to the western part of North America, it grows spontaneously along a narrow coastal strip between California and Oregon. Most of the redwoods are located within Redwood National Park and Yosemite National Park.

It is the tallest plant species in the world, which can exceed 100 m in height, and is also one of the longest-lived, being able to live over 2,000 years. In nature, it grows spontaneously along the coast from California to Oregon, within a radius of 60 km from the Pacific Ocean; in fact, the plant prefers a type of temperate oceanic climate rich in humidity, however it does not tolerate continental climates and temperatures that are too rigid.

It is widespread up to altitudes of 1,000 m above sea level, but generally grows at altitudes below 300 m. Sequoias prefer soils of alluvial origin where they form pure or mixed forests with other species of local conifers such as Pseudotsuga menziesii and Picea sitchensis.

It can exceed 100 meters in height and reach a diameter at the base of the trunk of over 7 meters. A specimen called Hyperion, located in Redwood National Park, reaches 115.55 meters, and is the tallest tree in the world, while another specimen called Lost Monarch is the largest of this species by volume: it has a trunk of diameter of 7.9 metres, a height of 97.8 meters and an estimated volume of 1 200 m³ of wood.

Hyperion is the tallest tree in the world. The height of the Hyperion reaches 115.61 meters and makes the landscape in which it is located decidedly suggestive. It is located in the context of Redwood National and State Park and was discovered in the year 2006.

The estimated age of the Hyperion is 1200 years. Helios reaches a height of 114.58 meters. Its discovery is due to Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, who saw it during the year 2006 within the verdant context of the Redwood National Park.

This sequoia has an age of about 2040 years and since its discovery it has been seen that its growth continues steadily. Scholars believe that in the years to come Helios may even surpass the Hyperion in height. Icarus is the third tallest tree in the world.

Both Helios and Icarus were in fact discovered during the same day by scholars Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor. The two naturalists recounted in a book the events that took place during that sensational day.