Which species are used for the Christmas tree

Real trees and synthetic trees: which are the most common

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Which species are used for the Christmas tree
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At the base of the Christmas tree there are the very ancient uses, typical of various cultures, of worshiping or having sacred trees, such as the Trees of Paradise with ribbons and colored objects, torches, small bells, votive animals, and the belief that the lights , which illuminated them, corresponded to as many souls.

The various Cosmic Trees were also decorated in the same way with symbols of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars. In particular, the fir tree was sacred to Odin, the powerful god of the Germans. The habit of decorating some evergreen trees was already widespread among the Celts during the celebrations relating to the winter solstice.

The Christmas tree tradition, as well as many other related Christmas traditions, is particularly felt in the USA and German-speaking Europe. The Christmas tree has a cosmic value that connects it to the rebirth of life after winter and the return of nature's fertility.

The cosmic tree or tree of life has also been associated with the saving figure of Christ and the cross of the Redemption, made of wood. According to a pious legend, the wood of the cross was obtained from a twig of the Tree of Life of the Earthly Paradise that the archangel Michael gave to Set to bring comfort to his dying father Adam.

Since Egyptian times, the fir tree has been linked to the birth of the god of Byblos, by the Greeks it was consecrated to Artemis, protector of births and by the Greeks it was also considered a symbol of the rebirth represented by the new year.

He will then be venerated by the peoples of northern Asia and, in particular, by the Celts and Germans who associated him with the birth of the divine child and in turn with the winter solstice festival. For Christianity the fir tree became a symbol of Christ and his immortality.

But what species are used for the Christmas tree

Generally, a spruce is used for the Christmas tree. More rarely, pines or other evergreen conifers are used, but other types of trees can also be used, such as Magnolia grandiflora.

The use of artificial trees, the first non-green artificial Christmas trees to be commercially successful on a large scale were aluminum ones. In addition to being practical and economical, artificial trees above all guarantee the safety of many conifers that would be used as Christmas trees and represent the only solution for those who suffer from allergies to conifers.

There are artificial trees of all sizes, from those with realistic proportions to tabletop ones, just a few tens of centimeters tall. To close the article, I would like to wish you all Merry Xmas!