The underground city in Missouri

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The underground city in Missouri

In the US, and precisely in Missouri, it is an underground city, inhabited by many people, since the middle of the last century. It is the former Bethany Falls limestone mine, which has become the largest underground trading complex in the world, named SubTropolis.

This was possible thanks to the visionary Lamar Hunt who came up with this idea in 1964. SubTropolis was chosen by the National Archives and Records Association as the repository of the original films of great cinema masterpieces such as The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.

SubTropolis is only 45 meters deep and extends over an area of 4.5 sq km through a dense grid of tunnels for a total length of 12 km, some asphalted others covered by railway tracks. Inside, 1,600 people work at a constant and natural temperature of 20°C.

Over time, the site has attracted various activities including post and data storage.

Jonathan, the oldest animal in the world

Jonathan is a giant tortoise from the Seychelles that lives in St. Helena island. Jonathan may be even older than we think.

No one witnessed its birth or left written records. The age was calculated when he arrived from the Seychelles to Saint Helena, probably as a gift for the governor, and people began to take care of him. A 1882 said of a fully mature tortoise, around 50 years of age.

Son, Jonathan must have been born around 1832. Giant tortoises live on average 150 years and, just to be sure, Jonathan's obituary has already been written; It was also decided that it will not be stuffed but its shell will be preserved and exhibited in Sant’Elena.

Jonathan had simply arrived in St. Helena, then as now a British Overseas Territory. In 1941 Henry Lionel Gallwey, governor of St. Helena from 1912 to 1920, wrote in the Journal of the Royal African Society that during his tenure on the island a pair of giant tortoises weighing 360 kg each, brought by the captain of a ship in the 1776: "I don't know what age they were when I arrived, one died a few years ago but it seems to me that the other is still there.

They were a boy and a girl and never started a family." If true, Jonathan would have been at least 244 years old and would have met Napoleon; according to all experts, however, it is quite unlikely, and Gallwey was almost certainly confused with two other giant tortoises brought to the island in the late eighteenth century.

During his long and long life, Jonathan has so far survived two World Wars, the Russian revolution and the Maoist revolution, 8 British monarchs on the throne and 39 American presidents!