Asteroid on a collision course with Earth in 2022

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Asteroid on a collision course with Earth in 2022

An Asteroid will be on a collision course with our Earth in 2022. NASA scientists only discovered the asteroid in 2009. US space agency to classify it as potentially dangerous. According experts, hypothesis that this asteroid could hit our planet would be not completely negligible.

The exact date on which the impact with the Earth will occur on May 6th 2022, according to experts and scientists. Asteroid was discovered by scientists only in 2009 and, consequently, the experts still do not have all the information necessary to delineate the orbit traveled by the meteorite.

It could warn US astrophysicists, follow an orbit structured in such a way as to bring it closer and closer to the Sun and, consequently, also to our planet. 2009 JF1, pending the acquisition of new data by NASA, has so far been classified by experts as the fifth celestial body potentially at risk of impact with the Planet.

Asteroid is constantly monitored by the Sentry detection system and the risk of impact between the first and our planet is constantly estimated and updated as a result of the ever new details acquired about the size of the meteorite, its speed and its orbit.

Collaboration between NASA and ESA, will begin in the summer: the Dart spacecraft will be launched into orbit to try to divert the interstellar route traveled by Dimorphos.

How much does Amazon pollute with plastic packaging?

The answer is very telling: a bubble wrap wrapped around the planet for at least 500 volts, according to a new report published by the environmental association Oceana.

According to Oceana Amazon, in 2019, it produced over 210,000 tons of hard-to-dispose of plastic waste. However, Amazon denies this figure. Jeff Bezos' company in recent years has been trying to use recyclable and compostable materials for its shipments.

Amazon says it uses less than a quarter of the amount of plastic indicated by environmentalists, roughly 52,000 tons a year, although according to the report, Amazon's figures are too opaque. And all this without counting online sales in 2020, considering that the report relates to 2019.

On a global scale, every order placed on Amazon produces a huge amount of plastic waste. Waste of which disposal should be well managed in order to avoid a deadly danger to our oceans and ecosystems. Oceana report said: "Even if the small number claimed by the company for the footprint of plastic packaging were true, it would still be a huge amount of plastic waste, enough to shoot a bubble wrap around the Earth more than a hundred times.

which could cause very big problems for the health of the oceans. " According to a survey of Prime customers, only 2% in the United States say they dispose of plastic in packaging correctly. The figures released by Oceana, calculated without data provided by the company, therefore put the spotlight both on the plastic pollution crisis and on the need to find more and more recyclable materials for shipments.

The same environmental association claims that Amazon in India, where the use of packaging and disposables has been banned, is doing well and has shown that it is capable of moving quickly and well.