Will we dress with marble dust!?!


by Federico Coppini
Will we dress with marble dust!?!

A Milanese start-up, Fili Pari, uses marble to create, with respectfulness towards the environment and the territory, waterproof jackets with a minimal and ironic style, eco-chic skirts and no season clutch bags. This application is absolutely new for the material in use: marble; which is also used in many sectors: from art to architecture, from design to agri-food, and from chemical to construction.

Every day thousand of tons of marble waste are put in landfills, with high costs of disposal and the necessity to find a new alternative solution. The love for the land and nature is translated into the desire to enhance the material through sustainable development, selecting raw materials in respect of the environment.

Thanks to constant research and to the increasingly advanced technology even waste marble becomes raw material, extending the life cycle of the original stone transforming it from waste to opportunity.
The final product is MARM MORE, a patented microfilm with real marble stone, that combines innovation, sustainability and quality, making the earth a better place The patented fabric is called Marm More, with the term More used to enhance the added value conferred on the marble with the application.

The marble powder obtained from the waste destined for the landfill is mixed with a special composite to obtain a thin film which is then coupled with a fabric of any type. The result is a waterproof, breathable, windproof, flame retardant, and abrasion resistant material that is aesthetically beautiful as well.

Instead of chemical pigments, the natural veins of marble are used, which offer five different colors: Carrara white, dark yellow, ebony black, alps green, and Verona red.
This is another example of circular economy based on raw materials.

From this, it is understood that its intrinsic value not only does not direct them towards landfills, but is also brought out by the creativity of those who conceive and realize with attention to detail and taste. CIRCULAR ECONOMY
Fili Pari embraces the circular economy values, combining research and innovation to improve the well-being of the Earth and its people by updating the product life cycle.

The love for the territory translates into the desire to enhance the raw materials, using products and by-products of the Italian stone industries, transforming waste into opportunities in full respect of the circular economy.

MARBLE Since ancient times marble has been used in art, architecture, and represents a cultural, economic, and geological heritage, symbol of uniqueness and timeless excellence. In the form of powder is used also in the fields of chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food, thanks to the calcium carbonate containing in the stone.

In the textile sector it was never been used, if not as an aesthetic inspiration, through prints that reproduce the veins of the stone.