BREAKING NEWS: Amazon rainforest is being sold illegally on Facebook

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BREAKING NEWS: Amazon rainforest is being sold illegally on Facebook

Incredible but true what is happening on Facebook and concerning one of the last green lungs of our beloved planet: the Amazon rainforest is being sold illegally, and literally piece by piece, on Facebook, including protected areas.

BBC has discovered this incredible trafficking of forest side, which also involves the protected areas and used by indigenous peoples. Facebook defended itself by claiming to be only an intermediary, also being a commercial platform thanks to Facebook Marketplace, with the platform acts as an intermediary online store.

Among these items for sale, the Amazon also appeared. BBC said anyone can find the plots by typing Portuguese forest, native jungle and timber into the search tool on Facebook Marketplace and choosing one of the Amazon states as the location.

Some listings contain satellite imagery and GPS coordinates, and most of the ads come from Rondônia, the most deforested state in the Brazilian rainforest.
Local activists say the Brazilian government has no intention of stopping these dire sales.

"We are facing such a shameless invasion that the invaders are not ashamed to go to Facebook to make illegal land sales," asaidIvaneide Bandera, of the environmental NGO Kanindé. Fabricio Guimares, interviewed by a BBC reporter pretending to be an advocate for potential customers interested in the purchase, said: "In this part of the Amazon there is no risk of government agent inspections."

Another seller, Alvin Souza Alves, offers the British broadcaster's reporter a piece of land at a price of 16,000 British pounds, within the indigenous reserve of the Uru Eu Wau Wau, a community of 200 Indians living in this area along with five other tribes who have never had contact with the outside world.

Jair Bolsonaro said zero tolerance for any violation of the law, but cut inspection staff in the Amazon by 40%, effectively facilitating such abuses. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has been at its peak for 10 years and Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to site for sellers.

The social network said it was ready to collaborate with local authorities, but indicated that it would not take its own actions to stop the trade, and everything would scandalously seem to have to continue.