Carbonanalyser: how much CO2 does your internet activity produce?

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Carbonanalyser: how much CO2 does your internet activity produce?

Can we measure how much CO2 we produce when we use the internet and our notebook? What is our impact on the climate when we use internet and social media? Now there is an answer: Carbonanalyser, the new app and browser extension that allows users to see the climate impact of their activity on Internet.

Carbonanalyser does not only calculate how much CO2 we emit when using the internet: the app reveals which sites or open apps are consuming the most, both on the notebook, on a smartphone or a tablet. The app also allows users to compare CO2 emissions from the Internet.

To succeed in this task Carbonanalyser searches the internet for emissions generated by other sources, such as charging a smartphone. The app is currently available for download for both Google Chrome and Firefox. there is also an app an app for smartphones: Mobile Carbonanalyser.

To succeed in its task, the app measures the impact on the climate by monitoring the amount of data that travels through the browser. Then it examines how much electricity this traffic requires through a system that models the electricity consumed by data centers, and other devices such as Wifi.

The innovation made by Carbonanalyser

Carbonanalyser calculates the CO2 emissions that correspond to electricity consumption: users can select which part of the world they are browsing the Internet from. From the amount of data to the consumption of electricity: all data is shared with users.

The app was developed by The Shift Project, a French nonprofit company that supports a zero CO2 emissions economy. The organization hopes that the browser extension will help more people understand the impact that digital devices can have on the environment.

To give an example: according to Climate Care, a Google search can produce 0.2 to 7 grams of CO2 emissions. Although giving up digital devices can be practically impossible in today's modern societies, we can make small changes such as adjusting our power settings or blocking data tracking to save energy.

An app that, used on PC, tablet or smartphone is undoubtedly useful to be able to get an idea of ​​how much we cost our beloved planet daily in terms of impact on climate. If all of us could improve the green performances of our devices we will do a great favor to the Earth, and in this way, everyone would do their part. Carbonanalyser can help us help Earth.