Mass resignation from Twitter after Elon Musk's new rules

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Mass resignation from Twitter after Elon Musk's new rules
Mass resignation from Twitter after Elon Musk's new rules (Provided by Rapusia Blog)

The unthinkable happened to Twitter. Hundreds of employees are leaving social media after receiving an ultimatum from the new owner, Elon Musk, who asked them in an email to be ready to work high-intensity overtime or to leave.

The resignation of the last few hours adds to the dismissal of about half of the 7,500 employees decided by Musk. At least one thousand of Twitter's 3,500 survivors after the change of direction refused to subscribe to Musk's request to be available for an unknown amount of extra work to revolutionize the flaws in the platform in record time.

The alternative was to leave the company with three months' severance pay. Many have preferred this solution. After Musk's arrival, the staff had already been halved, but now there seems to be a lack of engineers and technicians and that Twitter, in fact, has the hours numbered, resulting in an exodus on alternatives like Mastodon.

Mass resignation from Twitter after Elon Musk's new rules

Projectionactivist Alan Marling lurked outside the San Francisco office, where employee protests are taking place, and started projecting graffiti on the walls including This is Proof Musk is an idiot, or Stop Toxic Twitter or Free.

Hate Speech. At the same time, many users started posting goodbye messages to social media with the hashtag #riptwitter, #twitterdown, to migrate to other platforms. Regarding the possibility that the new Twitter rules could increase the danger of disinformation, UE replied that the problem of disinformation has been around for some time but that at the moment there is no specific concern related to Twitter.

Just hours after the protests, Musk decided to readmit some of them, such as Kathie Griffin, Jorden Peterson and Babylon Bee, who had been kicked off the platform. On the idea of ​​bringing Donald Trump back too, he specified: "I have not yet made any decisions about Trump." The former president was kicked out of social media in the aftermath of the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.

Musk completed the Twitter acquisition for $ 44 billion. The new owner, after removing the board of directors, holds the position of managing director.