WiFi bulbs and theri abilities!

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WiFi bulbs and theri abilities!

Technologies and devices automate your home. Wifi bulbs are becoming widely used, that is, full-fledged bulbs that can connect to the internet. This way you can control them with smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers and even with your voice.

Another advantage of Wi-Fi bulbs over classic ones is that they are often dimmable. This means that they allow you to set the intensity of the light, with the possibility of creating precise atmospheres (perhaps during dinners and aperitifs), however, obtaining Among the most widespread we certainly find those belonging to the Philips Hue family, to which we have dedicated an in-depth study.

Particularly affordable in terms of price are the models produced by the Chinese Xiaomi under the Yeelight brand. The market is however full of solutions proposed by the most disparate companies. greater brightness when necessary (perhaps to read a book).

Really very comfortable, but that's not all.

Wifi bulbs are becoming widely used

As always, there are a number of parameters to take into consideration. Taking these into consideration, the world of wifi bulbs will have no more secrets.

In this way you can transform ordinary chandeliers, lamps, lights and floor lamps into smart devices. You can have them turn on automatically, activate them remotely, adjust their intensity comfortably from your smartphone or with your voice.

In short, the most practical and economical solution to take the first steps in the magical world of home automation. From this point of view, the situation is identical to that of classic light bulbs. Depending on the attachment of your chandelier, lamp, lamp or floor lamp, you will need to purchase the Wi-Fi bulb with the corresponding attachment.

The most popular standard is still E27, but they are still available with the most disparate attacks: E14, GU10, G4, B22 just to name a few. So, even if you have particular spotlights, you will still be able to mount the Wi-Fi bulbs inside them.

It is very important not to confuse wifi bulbs with Bluetooth ones. In fact, the latter can still be controlled by smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and computers, provided that they are physically within the Bluetooth range of the devices in question.

It is therefore not possible to check these bulbs while you are away from home, just as it could be problematic to check them from room to room, especially if you have a particularly large house. However, it is very common that Wi-Fi bulbs are also Bluetooth. In any case, to learn more about the functioning of this standard, we invite you to read our article about it.