Apple patents App to replace driver's license and passport

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Apple patents App to replace driver's license and passport

Apple could patent a new App to replace driver's license and passport and further enhance its already amazing digital wallet. Here is what the five Apple patents could be: a user's identity card can be registered, transmitted and validated by the entity that issued it in order to be digitized on the smartphone.

The five documents were filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office by several experts but on behalf of the Apple iPhone. All patents are christened Providing Verified Claims of User Identity and precisely the operation of a device based on a system to verify the identity that includes at least one processor configured to receive and verify the request and that has the information to identify the same user, as one of these documents explains with an always rather curious vocabulary, as is typical of these documents.

The verified request must be validated by a server based on the certification of the information by a separate provider but specifically for the device. It seems to be tracing a certification mechanism that guarantees privacy with specific protocols intended for Apple products with which to connect to the servers of public bodies, for example verify the validity of an identity card and finally store it in the iPhone Wallet.

Where we already keep the credit cards used with Apple Pay or the boarding passes for planes and tomorrow we will be able to keep everything else.

Apple car key

It would certainly not be a surprise. At the latest Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple unveiled Car Keys.

Included in the new update of the operating system for iPhone, iOS 14 arriving in the fall with the new smartphones, will allow you to digitize the key of your car, opening it and therefore putting it in motion simply with the iPhone, through the NFC reader on the handle and in an interior compartment of the passenger compartment.

Obviously you need the cars to be ready, and in fact it will start in the next few months with the BMW 5 Series of 2021 (where the system will be called BMW Digital Key). The German company is the first to launch a similar collaboration with Apple.

The owner of the vehicle and the iPhone will be able to manage who will be able to use his keys and even what the different keys will allow you to do: for example, only opening and not starting the car or even setting, in addition to the maximum speed allowed, the stereo volume.

Sharing those digital keys will be very simple: you can do it for example through a message. Just as in one touch you can deactivate all the car keys in circulation. What if the battery runs out? There is a special five-hour reserve that will still allow the car to be put into service, even on an unusable phone.

Security is guaranteed by the fact that the keys are stored in the Secure Element, a chip integrated into the architecture of the smartphone with its own operating environment, impenetrable to third-party apps and to iOS itself and dedicated to the protection of payment data.

This is the portion of the system where payment card data is already parked today and where identity cards and other documents that Apple might want to carry on board may end up tomorrow, if those patents find sooner or later their way.