Vodafone 100% green by 2021

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Vodafone 100% green by 2021

Vodafone announces that by July 2021 the European service will be powered 100% by renewable electricity. This will allow you to create a network that will develop in a sustainable way using only wind, solar or water energy sources.

Vodafone is also committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by a total of 350 million tons globally in the decade 2020/2030. An ambitious target that equates to the UK's total annual CO2 emissions in 2019. Vodafone's goal is to improve the life of 1 billion people and simultaneously halve its environmental impact by 2025.

In 2019, Vodafone purchased all electricity from renewable sources, with the commitment to reduce by half its ecological footprint by 2025. In addition to reusing, reselling or recycling 100% of the waste from its network in support of the circular economy.

Today's announcement accelerates the commitments already made and adds a new one. Nick Read, CEO of the Vodafone Group, said: "We have an opportunity to redesign our future in a sustainable way. To ensure that recovery does not take place at the expense of the environment.

The acceleration of our transition to 100% renewable energy on European networks the way we feed our technology will change forever; reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, helping our customers manage their resources more effectively and reduce their carbon emissions and, at the same time, helping to create a planet cleaner for everyone."

Zero CO2 emissions

The new target for CO2 reduction has been determined with the help of global carbon and sustainability experts, the Carbon Trust, with whom Vodafone has been working for years. The Carbon Trust calculated the total amount of emissions that Vodafone has helped its business customers avoid.

And it outlined possible future scenarios to communicate Vodafone's objectives in this area. Tom Delay, Chief Executive of the Carbon Trust, said: "We have worked closely with Vodafone on its sustainability programs since 2010.

And in the past seven years on quantifying the carbon impact of Vodafone's products and services. There is an important and growing opportunity for the ICT sector to develop and make possible new solutions that help promote decarbonisation."

Vodafone's commitment at European level anticipates by three years an earlier promise to use 100% renewable energy for fixed and mobile networks by 2025. About four fifths of the energy used by Vodafone networks will come from renewable sources obtained directly from national electricity networks.

The remaining fifth, supplied by Vodafone to its lessors for buildings and other infrastructures, will instead be covered by certificates for renewable energy. Where possible, Vodafone will also invest in on-site energy generation plants, mainly using solar panels.

Vodafone's new goal worldwide is to reduce carbon emissions by 350 million tons of CO2e over the 2020/2030 decade. This is thanks to the use of Vodafone IoT services, such as logistics and fleet management, intelligent measurement systems and production activities. Other savings will come from healthcare, cloud hosting and smart working.