Is smartphone use responsible for neck pain?

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Is smartphone use responsible for neck pain?
Is smartphone use responsible for neck pain? (Provided by Rapusia Blog)

Is smartphone use responsible for neck pain? The study: Neck pain associated with smartphone overuse: cross-sectional report of a cohort study among office workers, published on the European spine journal: official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society, try to answer this question.

In the study we can read: "The aim of the current study was to investigate the extent of smartphone use, possible correlation with neck pain and / or psychological impairment in office workers. A convenience sample of 1,602 office workers who were using smartphone for prolonged periods (≥ 4 years) participated in a cross-sectional report of a cohort study, assessing demographic, abnormal symptoms of pain in the neck, physical activity, and psychological behavior characteristics.

Is smartphone use responsible for neck pain?

Participants were assessed using a short version of the Smartphone Addiction Scale (SAS-SV), Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales (DASS-42) questionnaire, as well as International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form (IPAQ-SF).

Multiple logistic regression model was conducted to evaluate the adjusted effect of smartphone overuse on nuchal symptoms. The prevalence of neck pain among the office workers was 30.1%. Significantly more female (33.3% vs. 24.5%) and younger (42.2 vs.

43.2 years) employees reported to have neck pain. Overall in 326 (20.3%, 95% CI: 18.4% -22.4%) of studied subjects had, SAS score ≥ 31 and ≥ 33 for male and females, respectively, and so smartphone overuse (SO) was diagnosed.

The results of multiple logistic regression model revealed that those with SO were approximately 6 times more likely to have neck pain (95% CI: 4.44-8.09, P <0.001). Smartphone overuse in office workers significantly increases the chance of neck pain by 6 times.

Hence SO has been associated with, not only somatic complaints, but also psychological distress such as anxiety, stress, and depression. This may need adherence to neck-school, when smartphone use is associated with neck pain."