Nature exposure and immune system

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Nature exposure and immune system

Nature Exposure and Its Effects on Immune System Functioning: A Systematic Review, is a very interesting research, conducted by scientists who then published on the International journal of environmental research and public health, in order to present a retrospective on a topic that is truly very important for our health and for our life.

The natural environment to which we expose ourselves has effects, both on our health and on our psyche, this must never be forgotten. As for health, among the various effects there are those on the immune system, which will be directly influenced by nature exposure.

The study said us: "Given the drastic changes in our lifestyles and ecosystems worldwide, the potential health effects of natural environments have grown into a highly pervasive topic. Recent scientific findings suggest beneficial effects from nature exposure on human immune responses.

This review aims at providing a comprehensive overview of literature published on immunomodulatory effects of nature exposure by inhalation of natural substances. A systematic database search was performed in SCOPUS and PubMed.

The quality and potential bias of included studies (n = 33) were assessed by applying the EPHPP ( Effective Public Health Practice Project) tool for human studies and the ARRIVE (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) and SYRCLE (Systematic Review Center for Laboratory Animal Experimentation) tools for animal studies.

The synthesis of reviewed studies points to positive effects of nature exposure on immunological health parameters; such as anti-inflammatory, anti-aller gic, anti-asthmatic effects or increased NK (natural killer) cell activity.

Decreased expression of pro-inflammatory molecules, infiltration of leukocytes and release of cytotoxic mediators are outcomes that may serve as a baseline for further studies. However, partially weak study designs evoked uncertainties about outcome reproducibility and key questions remain open concerning effect sizes, duration of exposure and contributions of specific vegetation or ecosystem types."