Impact of pesticide exposure among rural and urban female population


Impact of pesticide exposure among rural and urban female population

A pesticide is any substance, single or mixed with others, intended to destroy or control any harmful organism, prevent or prevent its damage, including vectors of human and animal diseases, unwanted species of plants or animals that cause damage or otherwise interfere with the production, processing, storage, transport and marketing of food, foodstuffs, timber and its derivatives, zootechnical foods, as well as substances that they can be used in animals for the control of insects, mites or other harmful organisms administered or applied to them.

Included are substances intended for use as plant growth regulators, defoliators, desiccants, thinners or anti-vermin of fruits. In addition, those applied to crops before or after harvest to protect it from deterioration during storage and transport.

Impact of Pesticide Exposure among Rural and Urban Female Population. An Overview, research published on the International journal of environmental research and public health, explains: "Pesticides are substances that have become widely used in agriculture and the human exposure to these substances may cause adverse health outcomes.

Non-occupational exposure to them can come from many sources, such as food or water. For occupational exposure, many studies have been conducted in men, as they have been mostly in charge of work related to these substances.

Nonetheless, the information available concerning the exposure in women is very scarce. In addition, an important differentiation between rural and urban areas has been established, rural areas being known as the most exposed ones due to plantation fields.

well. Regardless of gender, the conditions of exposure, and the environment, the exposure to these pesticides can have differen t effects on health from early life stages, resulting in different outcomes ranging from neurodevelopmental effects in newborns to different types of cancers.

In this review, we discussed the toxicity of the most commonly used pesticides and the main impact on the health of the general population, focusing mainly on the effect in women from both rural and urban areas, and the different stages of development, from pregnancy or lactation to the outcomes of these exposures for their children. "