The smartwatch that does the electrocardiogram

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The smartwatch that does the electrocardiogram

A very amazing artwatch that prevents a heart attack and does an electrocardiogram. Yes, is no more a utopia: a nine-lead electrocardiogram also for the early diagnosis of a heart attack by placing it on the patient's chest, with a sensitivity that reaches 94%.

If you intervene with angioplasty within 90-120 minutes, mortality is halved, but a timely diagnosis, as we well know, is essential. Experts said: "A timely electrocardiogram is essential for diagnosing heart attack, but it is not always readily available in case of suspicious symptoms; smartwatches, on the other hand, are on the wrist of more and more people.

Our study has shown that that it is possible to move the watch to different body positions, thus taking a nine-lead measurement similar to that of a standard electrocardiogram. The results show that in patients suffering from heart attack the sensitivity of the Apple watch, that is the proportion of cases in which the correct diagnosis was made, was 94% the specificity of the test, that is the probability that a healthy subject has an ECG.

on a negative smartphone, it was 92%. This means that with the Apple Watch it is possible to perform a nine-lead ECG with the same reliability as the standard one in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction."

The smartwatch that does the electrocardiogram

By removing the watch from the wrist and placing it in nine positions on the chest, a heart attack can be recognized with a sensitivity of up to 94%.

This is demonstrated for the first time in the world by an all-Italian trial whose data, just published in JAMA Cardiology, were presented during the congress of the European Society of Cardiology 2020. For the survey, 100 subjects were analyzed, of which 80% with heart attack symptoms and 20% asymptomatic control; for all ECG recordings were made with the Apple Watch and, at the same time, a standard electrocardiographic exam.

The ability to identify an ongoing heart attack quickly and easily thanks to the use of a simple smartphone can be of great help in certain situations in reducing the negative consequences of a heart attack. Expets and the authors of the research said: "In case of chest pain, especially if it is associated with sweating and difficulty in breathing, it is essential to immediately carry out an electrocardiogram to check the possibility of an ongoing heart attack.

In recent years, thanks to angioplasty. primary, heart attack mortality has been reduced by 50%, as long as the procedure is performed within 90-120 minutes of diagnosis. Smartwatches could therefore help to further shorten intervention times and thus save the life of a greater number of patients."