Mental Health and sports: what you need to know


Mental Health and sports: what you need to know

A workout normally consists of a first phase in which a period of low-speed running, also known as slow bottom, which lasts about 20 minutes, is carried out with special trainers, then defined by a warm-up similar to jogging; and a second phase with muscle stretching or stretching exercises.

To learn there are some types of basic running that serve to improve the technique. It is distinguished from walking, while walking, in which the body always maintains contact with the ground, and any other competitive version of running are included in running.

Sports and mental health are intrinsically connected. Good mental health can also depend on how much sport and exercise a person gets. The Positive Effects of Running on Mental Health published on the Psychiatria Danubina made a review on the issue.

"We have wondered why there is no more recent literature on this subject. So, while working on this mini review and discussing on this subjects we came up with an idea on a research about self esteem and life quality of individuals pre and post running school experience.

Previous studies show that consistent running results in a number of positive psychological changes among diverse populations. In a study of Kenneth EC ordinary nonprofessional runners were surveyed about the psychological aspects of running.

Many of the respondents had started running to improve their health , and almost all noted mental and emotional benefits including relief of tension, improved self-image, and better mood ering therapeutic effects of running Greist et al.

define running as not expensive, and unlike sorne other treatments, it has benefiai physical side effects. Their results compare favorably with those of patients in psychotherapy and have persisted for at! East one year in follow-up.

Taking in mind all of the previously published research it can be concluded that running can be a therapeutic tool for a sereies of negative psychological conditions, such ass depression, anxieta, tension, mood changes, low self esteem etc."