The benefits of dried fruits have been less explored


The benefits of dried fruits have been less explored

The benefits of dried fruits have been less explored. The study: Bioactives and health benefits of nuts and dried fruits, published on the Food chemistry, shows once again surprising results regarding an essential food for daily life, such as dried fruit, which, taken in moderation, has several beneficial effects on our health, ranging from vitamins to helping the cardiovascular system.

This review summarizes recent findings on bioactive constituents, health claims, and health benefits of nuts and dried fruits and also discusses their great potential as healthy foods to benefit a number of diseases afflicting human beings.

As we read in the article, has a very important role in bioactivity. We can read: "Nuts and dried fruits have been part of the human diet since prehistoric times. They are nutrient-rich foods and constitute an excellent means to deliver health-promoting bioactive compounds.

As such, they serve as important healthful snack items, besides being part of many traditional and new recipes of gastronomy worldwide.Frequent consumption of nuts and / or dried fruits is highly recommended to obtain the full benefit of the nutrients, bioactives, and antioxidants that they contain, together with their desirable flavor.

The macronutrients, micronutrients, and other health-promoting bioactive compounds contained in nuts and dried fruits may synergistically contribute to modulate the risk of cardiometabolic and other non-communicable diseases through various mechanisms.Experimental research, prospective studies, and human clinical trials have reported beneficial effects of nut consumption on various health outcomes." Dried fruit is a category used to indicate a set of seeds that are used as food due to their high nutrient content, in particular polyunsaturated fats.

It should not be confused with dried fruit, which is instead fruit that has undergone a drying process, or dehydration which allows it to be stored well beyond the normal storage period. Dried fruit can be eaten as it is or it can be used as an ingredient in the preparation of recipes