Here's How Some People Stopped Animal Suffering!

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Here's How Some People Stopped Animal Suffering!

Here's how some people stopped animal suffering! Stopping eating meat can be one of the ways to preserve animal life and pollute less. Many people who have recently become vegan have admitted that they have had a hard time finding a network of friends with the same ideals or who would support them in this life choice.

Don't worry, you're not alone, and even if your usual friends aren't, they don't necessarily aren't sensitive to animal suffering. Someone would like to stop eating meat but they love its taste to the point that they cannot say no, despite the fact that the market today is offering more and more valid alternatives.

When you go out with friends, look for restaurants that have a wide vegan choice integrated with the traditional menu and not those that have separate sections for plant foods. Habits, as we know, are difficult to change, but also thinking about what we are used to doing can allow us to improve our diet.

Many people would like to stop eating meat but they love its taste to the point that they cannot say no, despite the fact that the market today is offering more and more valid vegetable alternatives. Nobody likes to know how the pig in the dish in the form of sausage was killed, and for this we avoid thinking about it too much.

Surely having a pig's head on your plate rather than an oily slice of bacon makes your mouth water less. The advice is to always consult the menus from home and arrive prepared at the restaurant, so as not to have to fall back into the usual side dishes or stay fast, or worse still, abandon yourself to the temptation of the meat.

How to start the day in good health

A good breakfast makes the rest of the day more balanced and orderly, as it leads to better eating and prevents too many calories from being eaten at the wrong times. The absence of breakfast only leads to eating more afterwards and consuming the wrong foods.

Pancreas, after hours of fasting, if it is attacked by an overload of sugars, is forced to perform an overwork, having to immediately produce a lot of insulin to quickly bring the blood sugar back to normal values. So breakfast must contain all the main nutrients, namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber in the right proportions.

The important thing is that breakfast is balanced and balanced, while respecting everyone's tastes and preferences. There is no rule that says that in the morning it is better to eat sweet or savory. Boiled eggs, salmon, wholemeal bread, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruits, ricotta and bitter cocoa, oats, walnuts, almonds.

Boiled or poached egg is ideal as it has the right amount of protein and omega 3. Therefore, there is no need to fear eating the egg in the morning. In fact, of all the cholesterol we have in our body, only 20% comes from food, the rest is produced by the liver.

It is true that we must be careful of the cholesterol we ingest with food though. For a healthy breakfast, refined cereals, saturated fats and sugars contained in snacks, brioches, biscuits, croissants, cakes, donuts and other packaged products should be avoided.

Attention also to the jam, which contains a lot of sugar: better to choose organic jams, to be consumed only occasionally and in combination with wholemeal bread. A good preparation of cookies and cakes method is that which uses, for example, almond flour, wholemeal or flaky cereals, barley malt, hazelnut grains, dark chocolate, and oil seeds.