What is the importance of the sugar maple?

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What is the importance of the sugar maple?

The sugar maple is one of the most spectacular moult occurs in the northern area of ​​the range, where there is the right alternation of sunny days and cold nights. The petiole is opaque and latex-free. The bark is gray or gray-brown, smooth or furrowed with light distinct vertical lines.

With age it darkens and cracks. Its range includes the southeastern part of Canada and the northeastern part of the United States, from Newfoundland and Manitoba in the north to Florida in the south and Utah in the west. The sugary sap which contains 1 to 4% sucrose is the source of maple syrup.

It is collected by making holes in the bark; once the sap was made to drip with special straws into buckets placed in the cavities placed at the base of the trees, where it was made to evaporate; today a centralized piping system is used.

Maple sugar and syrup are obtained from the sap. It takes more than 40 liters of sap to make one liter of syrup. Canadian maple wood is also used for the construction of skateboard decks, in the form of 7 or 9 mm plywood. In the woods it reaches 30–35 m, but can reach up to 40 m, with a typically expanded habit.

The twigs are brittle and hairless. It has opposite deciduous leaves, with deep veins, from tri- to five-lobed and up to 13 cm long; the lobes, slightly incised, are separated by obtuse angles. Dark green, in autumn they take on shades of brilliant gradations from golden yellow to orange, up to crimson and scarlet.

The fast-growing tree has not given appreciable acclimatization results in Europe, while it is widespread in large American public and private parks. Due to its importance, the leaf of this maple appears on the flag of Canada.

The tree has a rather slow initial growth: during the first 10 years it forms a tree 10–15 m high at most, branched from the bottom.

Tortured animals in a house of horrors

Tortured and abused animals in what can be called a real house of horrors.

The fact would have happened in Italy. A series of readers told us how a family systematically killed puppies shortly after they were born, after their mother was never spayed. Whenever the dog became pregnant, the owners waited for the puppies to open their eyes before killing them, crushing them with their feet or with sticks.

There have also been reports of kittens being killed in the same way, a horrible way, which once again shows human cruelty to innocent animals. As we have been told, the bloodiest detail concerns the puppies. The owners seem to have killed the puppies by trampling them, while the puppies, in excruciating suffering, spat their internal organs from their mouths, after which, with their weight, the owners crushed them with their feet on the ground, breaking their backbones.

We were also told of beatings with sticks, against the poor and indigenous puppies, killed after brutal blows. Responsible persons have been reported to the competent authorities.